Qt Console Application Programming

Qt console application programming with Qt Creator. Write command line applications with Qt using Qt Creator. Non-GUI terminal application development. Although Qt Creator is more likely to be used to create GUI applications, it can also be used to create Qt console applications. These applications run from the command line or terminal window. This article … Continue reading Qt Console Application Programming

Use apt or apt-get on Linux?

Should we use apt or apt-get on Linux? Advanced Package Tool apt and apt-get are both command-line tools for handling packages on Debian and Debian based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Linux users who update Linux from the command line on Debian based systems are familiar with “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo … Continue reading Use apt or apt-get on Linux?

Output HTML from PHP on Command Line

How to output static web pages from PHP on command line – convert a PHP page to its HTML output on the command line. This article shows how to output HTML from PHP in a terminal. The objective of this article is to show how to output an HTML web page from an input PHP … Continue reading Output HTML from PHP on Command Line