GTK Glade C Programming Tutorial

GTK Glade C Programming Tutorial Series – GTK 3 programming with C and Glade tutorial series index. A tutorial series using GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) with Glade as the GUI designer and the C programming language.

GTK 3 Programming with C and Glade Tutorial Series Index

Follow the tutorial series by completing each tutorial part in the index that follows. Best followed in order starting with part 1.

Part 1: GTK Programming Introduction

A brief overview of GTK in preparation for learning GTK programming.

Part 2: Installing GTK 3 and Glade Development Tools in Linux

How to install the Glade user interface designer and GTK 3 development library and other tools for GTK development on Linux.

Part 3: GTK+ 3 C Program using Glade 3

A simple “hello world” GTK C application. Demonstrates how to create a simple windowed GUI application using GTK3, Glade user interface designer and C code.

Part 4: GTK+ 3 Glade C Programming Template Files

A set of template files for starting new GTK+ 3 C programming language projects using Glade for the GUI.

Part 5: GTK 3 C Code Hello World Tutorial using Glade 3

A hello world program that shows how to use labels and a button.

Part 6: GTK Packing with Glade

Pack widgets in a GTK window using the Glade UI editor. Use the GtkBox container.

Part 7: Compiling GLib C Programs

GTK relies on the GLib library. This article explains the basics of GLib and includes a simple coin toss program that uses GLib.

Part 8: GTK+ 3 Reference Manual in Devhelp Viewer

View the GTK 3 manual offline in the Devhelp viewer. It also adds context sensitive help to Glade. Also see GTK+ 3 Help Finding GTK3 Documentation for more information on finding GTK 3 documentation.

Part 9: Get Widget Pointer in Callback Function GTK Glade

Get a pointer to a widget in a callback function using Glade. Explains one method of passing user data to a callback function from within Glade.

Part 10: GTK Glade Get Pointers to Widgets

Get pointers to two or more widgets in a GTK Glade C program without using global variables.

Part 11: Group Radio Buttons in Glade

How to group radio buttons in Glade so that they act as a unit. Clicking one radio button selects it and clears all other radio buttons in the group.

Part 12: GTK+ 3 Glade Radio Buttons C Code

Extends part 11 of the tutorial series by accessing the Glade radio buttons with C code.

Part 13: GTK+ Find Selected Radio Button

Find selected radio button in a group of GTK+ 3 Glade radio buttons using the C programming language.

Part 14: Change Label Color in GTK Game Tutorial

How to change label color in GTK using the gtk_label_set_markup function. Demonstrated in a simple heads or tails game. Also how to make a GTK window a fixed size and stop the user from resizing it, hide and show a widget, disable and enable a widget, nest container widgets, show a radio button group with no default selected, and change label attributes in GTK and Glade.

Part 15: GTK Display Time in Glade Application

A GTK 3 application that displays the current time in a window. Uses a timer to update the current time.

Part 16: GtkSpinButton Glade GTK C Program

How to build a GTK application that allows a user to enter a number in a GtkSpinButton widget.

Part 17: GtkComboBoxText Glade GTK C Program

How to use a GtkComboBoxText widget as a drop-down text selection box.

Part 18: GtkToggleButton Glade GTK C Program Tutorial

How to use a toggle button and read its state using C code.

Part 19: GtkCheckButton Glade GTK C Tutorial

How to use a GtkCheckButton, which creates a check button or check box, in a Glade GTK C program.

Part 20: GTK Widget Hierarchy

GTK widgets have a hierarchy because they have an object oriented design. Understanding GTK widget hierarchy is a necessary part of learning to program with GTK.

Part 21: GTK C Tic-Tac-Toe Game Tutorial

GTK C tic-tac-toe game, or noughts and crosses game, using Glade user interface designer.

Part 22: GTK Glade C Example Text Reader Program

Build a text reader application in this simple GTK Glade C example tutorial. It uses GtkMenuBar, GtkTextView and GtkFileChooserDialog widgets.

Part 23: GTK About Dialog Box GtkAboutDialog in Glade

Add an about dialog box to a GTK application using a GtkAboutDialog object in Glade.

Part 24: GTK Template Files with Widget Structure

A new set of template files that adds a widget structure to the code to hold widget pointers.

Part 25: GTK Image Viewer with Glade

Make a GTK image viewer using GTK+ 3, Glade and the C programming language.

Part 26: Make a GTK Web Browser with Glade

A simple web browser example project using GTK+ 3 and the WebKitWebView widget from WebKitGTK.

Part 27: GTK 3 Code::Blocks Tutorial

How to make GTK 3 projects using the Code::Blocks IDE. The Code::Blocks IDE adds debugging capabilities to any C language GTK 3 project in this tutorial.

Part 28: Run External Program from GTK Application

How to run an external program from within a GTK application written in the C programming language using Glade interface designer.

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