Hi and welcome to the Programmer’s Notes website and blog! I am the author of this website and am known as CodeNerd.

This website is a place where I put all my programming notes when I am busy with various programming projects or learning a new programming language as a reference for myself and others. I hope that you will find the information here useful.

My background is in C and C++ on PCs and embedded systems. I also have a big interest in web programming and am a fan of PHP and JavaScript. At the time of starting this blog I am currently learning the Python programming language whenever I have spare time to do so.

Enjoy and happy coding 🙂

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  1. Hi, I need help! I start today at learning about gtk3 and glade for builder the news applications em “C”. Your blog is fantastic and veary easy to learning with good tutorials. But, with i am programmer for C, is hard locate actually news about builder de menu’s in the glade version 3.2. You have something documentation actually for create menu bar in C using gtk and glade? Congratulation for your work, and i wope for help! See later, bye!

  2. I learned GTK C programming using your tutorials. I have got everything I need working… except how to auto scroll a GTKTreeView with list store. using glade I created main window, with fixed grid inside, a gtkviewport inside that, and a gtktreeview inside that.

    I used a button call back to highlight the first row, and select it, then increment index variable, then highlight and select the next row. But am knocking my head over it not scrolling to show the next row not in view. Say there is 100 items populated in treeview. With my code, all works, but the highlighted rows just keep going down out of view. I’ve googled for weeks trying to figure it out. I ported a program from Mac using Objective-C and standard C.

    I just can’t figure out when the last row “in view” is highlighted, then click on button again to highlight the next row out of view, to have it scroll into view while the top rows scroll out of view. I am missing something. Could you provide a simple example of populating a treeview with list store (no children) just straight rows, and one row selection, with a button callback as when button is pressed, that the first row gets highlighted, then static variable index gets incremented and next button press highlights and selects next row and so forth while the treeview scrolls the contents not in view, into the view if that makes since. I’m racking my brain, and have read all I can. Everything works “except” for when button is pressed that if that the first 10 rows are in view for instance, that when the 11th row that is not in view, scrolls into view, while the first row goes up and out of view. Much appreciated for any very simple example.

    GTK 3 C based using code blocks and glade on a raspberry pi 4 using Debian buster Linux, but any example code would be very appreciated. Thanks for any feedback or links to any examples that would perform this “what I thought” would be simple. Unless i’m over looking something right in my face. I’ve seen other similar examples, but not with auto scrolling the next row into view.

    1. I will look into it when I get a chance. I am very busy at the moment, so can’t promise when.

  3. Part 28 of GTK 3 Programming with C and Glade Tutorial,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I follow the steps,, everything done by me as described on your tutorial. After compiling gtk window run properly but external process not showing on textview widget. Have signal_handaling issue. Please help me.

  4. Hi,

    first let me say your tutorial is really great. But I have a big problem concerning glade. I followed all your steps on Ubunut Mate 0.4. But when trying to add in glade any toplevel object like GtkWindow, glade crashes completely. When starting glade via terminal I get following error:

    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.020: 1 missing displayable value for GtkWidget::events
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.020: 3 missing displayable value for GtkWidget::AtkObject::accessible-role
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.080: 1 missing displayable value for GtkEntry::input-purpose
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.080: 2 missing displayable value for GtkEntry::input-hints
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.192: No displayable values for property GtkMenu::anchor-hints
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.231: 5 missing displayable value for GtkAboutDialog::license-type
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.306: 1 missing displayable value for GtkCellRendererAccel::accel-mode
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.363: No displayable values for property WebKitWebView::automation-presentation-type
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.370: No displayable values for property WebKitSettings::hardware-acceleration-policy
    GladeUI-Message: 22:49:15.370: Glade needs artwork; a default icon will be used for the following classes:
    GtkApplicationWindow needs an icon named ‘widget-gtk-applicationwindow’
    GThemedIcon needs an icon named ‘widget-gtk-themedicon’
    WebKitSettings needs an icon named ‘widget-webkit2gtk-settings’
    WebKitWebView needs an icon named ‘widget-webkit2gtk-webview’

    Glade is version 3.22.2
    GTK is version 3.0

    do you have any idea how to fix this ubg? I didn’t find any useful help in any forum.
    Best regards

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