How to Install Qt Help in Linux Mint

Install Qt help documentation for the Qt 5 API and Qt Creator on Linux Mint. Installing local help documentation for Qt ensures that the correct version of the help files is available in Qt Creator. After help is installed, context sensitive help is available inside Qt Creator.

Part 8 of the Qt Creator C++ Tutorial

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Missing Documentation Error Messages

Typically a No documentation available. message appears in Qt Creator because help files are not installed. This article shows how to install local help documentation for Qt on a Linux Mint computer. The following image shows the message in Qt Creator.

No documentation available message in Qt Creator. Install Qt help to fix it.
No Documentation Available Error Message in Qt Creator

Another error message is as follows and shown in the image below.

The page could not be found
Error loading: about:blank
Check that you have the corresponding documentation set installed.

Error loading page message in Qt Creator.
Error Loading Page Message in Qt Creator

Install Qt Help Documentation in Linux Mint

Install the Qt 5 API documentation in Linux Mint using the following command in a terminal window.

sudo apt install qt5-doc

To install the Qt Creator help documentation, enter the following in a terminal window.

sudo apt install qtcreator-doc

Finding the Qt Help Documentation in Qt Creator

After installing the Qt help as described above, the documentation can be found in Qt Creator. Use the Help menu or the Help button on the left vertical tool bar to open the documentation in Qt Creator.

To activate context sensitive help click on a Qt object in C++ code in Qt Creator. Now press the F1 key. This also works in design mode when editing widgets graphically. Click a widget and then press the F1 key.

When using context help, the No documentation available message will still appear if the item searched for is not recognized. For example searching for help on a custom class name.

Linux Mint Version used in Install Qt Help Tutorial

Systems used to test this tutorial are a Linux Mint 19.2 MATE 64-bit and Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon 64-bit computer. It should work on other Debian or Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

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