Kdenlive Tooltips Missing in Linux Mint

Kdenlive tooltips missing in Linux Mint 19.2. Hovering the mouse pointer or cursor over a control in Kdenlive pops up a tooltip box, but the text is not visible.

In the image below it can be seen that in Kdenlive the tooltip appears as a blank or empty box.

Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem in Linux Mint - Tooltip Appears as Blank Box
Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem in Linux Mint – Tooltip Appears as Blank Box

What is Kdenlive? Kdenlive is free and open source non-linear video editing software.

Watch the video below, or continue reading for the solution to the missing tool tip problem in Kdenlive.

Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem in Linux Mint

With the mouse cursor placed over a button on the toolbar in Kdenlive, a blank box appears instead of a tooltip. This problem occurs in Linux Mint 19.2, but it may also occur in other Linux Mint Versions and other Linux distributions.

The problem appears to be caused by running software designed for the KDE desktop, on a Gnome desktop.

Kdenlive Tooltip Missing Solution

The missing tooltip problem can be fixed in Linux Mint by installing the Gnome color chooser application. This application can then be used to change the tooltip background color to make the tooltip text visible.

Install Gnome Color Chooser

Search for gnome-color-chooser in the Software Manager in Linux Mint and then install it. Alternatively install it from the command line or terminal window with the following commands.

sudo apt install gnome-color-chooser 

Change the Tooltip Background Color

Follow the Steps Below to Fix the Tooltip Problem.

1. Find and Start the Gnome Color Chooser

Find the Gnome color chooser application on the main Linux Mint menu. It is under the Preferences category on the main menu. Alternatively search for Gnome Color Chooser in the menu search box.

Start Gnome Color Chooser.

2. Select Specific Tab

In Gnome Color Chooser click the tab called Specific. This tab is near the top right of the Gnome Color Chooser application window. See the image below.

Gnome Color Chooser Specific Tab
Gnome Color Chooser Specific Tab

3. Enable Background Setting

Under the Tooltips section of the window, click the Background checkbox to enable it.

4. Select Background Color

Click the color box at the right of the checkbox. A color picker dialog box appears. Choose a mid grey color from the color selector triangle. See the following image for details. Click the OK button.

Fixing the Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem in Gnome Color Chooser
Fixing the Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem in Gnome Color Chooser

5. Apply the Changes

Click the Apply button to apply the changes. The following image shows Gnome Color Chooser after making the changes.

Gnome Color Chooser Settings
Gnome Color Chooser Settings

Why Choose Mid Grey Color to Fix Kdenlive Tooltips Missing Problem

Mid grey was selected because in Kdenlive, the tooltip text seems to be fixed with a white color. In other applications, such as Qt Creator, tooltip text is fixed black. In order to see the tooltips in both applications, a mid grey is used.

The Foreground color setting in Gnome Color Chooser has no effect on the tooltip text color.

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  1. Thanks for this fix. Works on my mint 18.0 install, and I installed Kdenlive 15.12.3 from the software manager. I will be trying it on mint 19.3 shortly. Thanks again.

  2. This is a great tip,
    It will save me a lot of time while working with the neverending options of Kdenlive.
    Many thanks.

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