Linux Mint Hash Sum Mismatch During Update

How to fix Linux Mint hash sum mismatch during update of software. The following messages appear after doing an update with sudo apt-get update and also appear in the Linux Mint Update Manager.

Linux Mint Hash Sum Mismatch Error Message
Linux Mint Hash Sum Mismatch Error Messages

Fixing the Linux Mint Hash Sum Mismatch Error

After trying several solutions to the problem (listed in the next section) here is the one that worked for me. Create a file called 99fixbadproxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ from the command line as follows:

This new file will open in the nano editor, now copy and paste the following into the editor:

Save the new file by pressing Ctrl + o and then exit the editor by pressing Ctrl + x. Now refresh the software updates from the command line as follows:

Or right-click the Update Manager icon on the bottom bar and click Refresh on the pop-up menu.

This solution worked for me and was suggested as a solution on the Linux Mint forums. The solution pointed to an answer on to do with Debian mirror hash sum mismatch. This solution should work for Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian as well as other Debian based systems.

Alternative Solutions to Fix the Hash Sum Mismatch

My first attempts at fixing the hash sum mismatch problem was to delete cached files on the system as many solutions suggested. Eventually I made my own shell script that included all the solutions to fix the error, however none of them worked permanently. The error would just reoccur later.

Here is my script solution. These commands can be run individually or copied into a script.

As can be seen in the script, any errors with dpkg are sorted out first. Two sets of cached update files are deleted and then the system is updated from scratch.

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  1. The first solution no work for me, but the ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION fix the problem at all. Thans so much!

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