GTK+ 3 Reference Manual in Devhelp Viewer

The GTK+ 3 Reference Manual can be viewed locally on a Linux computer in a program called Devhelp. When developing GTK+ 3 applications a local copy of the documentation can be very helpful.

GTK+ 3 Reference Manual in Devhelp
GTK+ 3 Reference Manual in Devhelp

A previous article explained how to get on-line and off-line help for GTK+ using a web browser. Devhelp is an alternative application to using a web browser to view help files.

With Devhelp it is not necessary to navigate to the folder that contains the off-line documentation, the documentation is accessed in the left pane of Devhelp as shown in the above image.

Installing Devhelp

The Devhelp application can be installed in a Linux terminal window with the following command:

sudo apt-get install devhelp

After installation Devhelp can be found on the main menu of a Linux Mint computer under Menu → Programming → Devhelp.

Installing Off-line GTK+ 3 Reference Manual

The GTK+ 3 reference manual will not appear in Devhelp until it is installed on the system. To install the GTK+ 3 reference manual enter the following in a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-doc

Now the next time that you open Devhelp, the GTK+ 3 manual will appear along with the GDK 3 reference manual.


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